suncoast apps

business development & coaching, website & app Development, Apps

Located in the heart of Tampa Florida, USA, SUNCOAST APPS specializes in Business Consulting & Coaching, Website & Mobile Application Development and our own family of Productivity and Game Apps. 


Business Development & Coaching Services include:

  • 1/2 Day and 1 Day Business Reviews,
  • Executive Coaching,
  • Business Plan Creation,
  • Fund Raising


Website and Mobile App Development Services include: 

  • Product Goal Planning,
  • Product Specification Creation (Used for Bid Requests & Production Creation),
  • Bid Request Management,
  • Wireframe Design,
  • Responsive Website Development,
  • Mobile Application Development

SUNCOAST APPS was founded by 30 year experienced serial start-up veteran, Kenneth Ervin Young, with the objective of helping Business Leaders Improve Business Skills and Establish Business Processes and to Develop Mobile Applications and Responsive Websites targeted to Improve Revenue.  

Productivity Apps

Our productivity apps are targeted to the business person who is looking for a quick and easy way to manage their day to day business processes. 


Our game apps are designed with the goal of being "quick and easy" to play whether you are 8 or 80. We design 25+ game themes into a "Series" that all use the same methods of play, enabling a Player to reuse their hard earned skills learned in one game when they play another in the series, leading to higher scores and more fun! If you have as little as 10 seconds to distract and entertain yourself our games will provide a delightful experience. Watch the 30 second video game experience or download games from the links below. Have fun!