Fun iOS Games

Are you ready for "FREE" games that are "Easy-to-Play yet Challenging to Win" whether you are 8 or 80? Do you need a quick 10 seconds of "FUN" while you're stuck in line at the store, killing time in-between classes, or facing the 100th airing of a boring TV commercial?

Look no further! Our family of Apple iOS Games will "Light the Fire" in the daily "FUN" we all need to make it through our challenging day!

STORY LINE: Each Game is created around a "Story" which is played out on the screen. We enable you to feel that you are "Inside" the game with our Vivid Graphics, Stereo Sound and Highly Interactive Play.

FREE BONUS FEATURE: "Become the Main Character! While playing the game, you can take a "Selfie" with your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch front-facing camera and your face replaces the face of the Main Character.

ONE-HANDED PLAY: Use "One-Hand" (left or right - iPhone/iPod) to move the Main Character on the screen by "TILTING" the device (holding the screen parallel to the ground). To "FIRE" your weapon, "Tap Anywhere on the Screen".

3D PARALLAX GRAPHICS: Using Parallax graphics, we give you the feel of 3D game-scapes at over twice the display performance of $100 million movies (Us: 60fps vs Theatre: 24fps : fps = frames per second)

16-bit STEREO SOUND: Rich 16-bit stereo sound - Theme music, Weapons fire, Character screams - make you feel "Inside" the game.

UNIVERSAL GAMES: All games graphics are (1) Optimized for every iOS device screen size, and (2)  Work on every iOS 7 and iOS 8 capable iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

GAME PLAY SHARING: Scores, "Selfie's" and Play time are shared between your iOS devices through Apples iCloud**. This allows you to stop game play on your iPhone, open the game on your iPad or iPod Touch and "instantly" see your latest High Scores,"Selfie's" and Play time.

LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Each game is built exclusively for Apple iOS devices using Sprite Kit with extensive use of graphical icons to allow easy multi-language use. Current release support for English-based Apple stores.


iOS 7 and iOS 8
iPad (2, 3, 4, Air, mini, mini-Retina) 
iPhone (4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s) 
iPod Touch (5th Gen)

OUR REQUEST:  I Need HUNDREDS of Written Apple App Store Reviews to continue to make Great FREE Games For You! PLEASE GIVE MY APPS A QUICK WRITTEN REVEW Thank you in advance!

** Note: Active Apple iCloud account required for Game Play Sharing. To enable your iCloud account on each iDevice go to: Settings - iCloud. Turn "ON" option "Keychain". Turn "ON" option "Document & Data". All iOS devices must be connected to a WiFi or Cellular network for Game Play Sharing. 

Productivity Apps

All of our productivity apps are designed with the same easy-to-use concept as are games, so that you can accomplish the apps task "quickly and with confidence",  regardless of your experience level. Whip out your device, fire up our app, tap a few buttons and you are done! It is really that easy!

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