Kenneth Ervin young

Located in the heart of Tampa/St. Petersburg Florida, I specialize in Startup and SMB Business Consulting & Executive Coaching, Mobile Application Development and our own family of Productivity and Game Apps. 

Kenneth Ervin Young is a 30+ year experienced serial start-up veteran with a personal objective of helping Startup and SMB Leaders Improve Business Skills and Establish Business Processes and to Develop Mobile Applications  targeted to Improving Revenue.  

Kenneth Ervin Young

Kenneth Ervin Young

"When your business is not growing to meet your needs or expectations, spending a day with an experienced executive who will help you analyze what is going right and where you need to make changes can be the best time and money you've spent in years."

"When you spend every day doing your best to grow your business but your revenue falls short month after month, it's impossible for most of us to step back and see why we are falling short. "

"With my 30 years of combined experience in Business and Team Management, Product Definition, Product Development, Business Process Specifications, Marketing & Sales and Customer Support, I can help you quickly take the steps needed to get your business on a sustainable growth pat, then document those processes that will keep your business on a sustainable growth path."

"In today's hyper competitive world, a business MUST have a strong Mobile presence, in addition to the desktop, in order to be taken seriously in the B2B and B2C market place. Recent industry analysis has shown that over 58% of consumers have had their first engagement with a business on a mobile device. Sadly most businesses have  neither a custom mobile app or a website that automatically adjusts its layout ("Responsive Design") to a mobile screen size, making it impossible for a potential or existing customer to view their product and services. Additionally, in mid 2015, search engines such as Google starting "penalizing" websites that are not optimized for Mobile devices, making it even harder for potential customers to find your business. Let me help you improve your Customer engagement." 


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